Based on discretion, privacy, trust and efficiency criteria, LinxSecur is committed to solve all kinds of personal and family problems, putting at your disposal a team of professionals with extensive experience. In each scenario we will go to the root of the problem and provide alternatives to solve it.

  •  Domestic violence: Accompaniment and victim protection. Offender supervision

  •  Behavior of children and their environment (children behavior)

  •  Relatives tracking

  •  Addictions (game, shopping, alcohol, drugs)

  •  Supplementary pension

  •  Infidelities, divorces and separations

  •  Trackings

  •  Inheritances

  •  Minors guardianship

  •  Premarital reports

  •  Sectarian phenomena

  •  Anonymous threats

  •  Domestic staff pre-employment reports

  •  Domestic staff behaviors

  •  Urban leasehold